Starfox Financial Services, LLC. is an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with a focus on serving the unique needs of the high net worth investor.  Because we are an independent RIA, we are able to offer wealth building tools and advice without bias or conflict of interest.

Our in-house research team and tactical approach to wealth building and preservation offer a unique way to manage risk and address financial goals.

Our Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on an understanding that risks and opportunities associated with various asset classes change constantly as a result of changes in market and economic conditions.  We believe it is vital to tactically adjust asset allocations as market and economic conditions change.  Because of our tactical approach to risk management, we tend to be overweight in areas of increased value and underweight in areas of expense or excess risk.

In House Research Team

Our research team provides ongoing and real time analysis of a broad range of financial data, historical trends and economic indicators.  Our broad based research provides a thorough understanding of current and potential market conditions and is a critical component in our tactical asset allocation strategy.

Why We Are Unique

Starfox Financial Services, LLC. is a fiduciary advisor with a duty to act for the benefit of our clients above all else.  Our clients receive our un-divided loyalty and effort.

100% Fee-Only Services – We receive NO COMMISSIONS  or WRAP FEES from any of the securities we recommend.

Full Line of Investment Services and Products

  • Tactical Asset Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Business Consulting
  • Insurance
  • 401(k) Fiduciary Services-section 3(21)
  • Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOP)

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We believe all areas of actual or potential conflicts of interest should be proactively disclosed and eliminated when possible.  Please find links to our current disclosure documents below.

Find our ADV here: http://www.adviserinfo.sec.gov

Or download our ADV in PDF format here: Firm ADV 2A-Firm Brochure

Download our Privacy Policy in PDF format here: SFS – Privacy Policy (2)