Faith. Family. Finance. We believe achieving success in finance won’t matter without the richness by faith and family.

Jose Palafox, the managing member of Starfox Financial Services, shares the importance behind the slogan, “Faith. Family. Finance”:
“I’ve found over the years…a lot of people who were hurting, and though they have a lot of money, they aren’t happy or their life isn’t going so well. Sure, they can pay for everything they want and need, but inside, they’re hurting. So I believe that in life, if you [need] a faith that you can live your life by, and family that’s by your side – because friends will come and go, acquaintances will come and go, businesses will come and go. But your family is always there. So to me, putting those in perspective [is] very important, on how we run our company and how we treat our employees, how we treat our clients. Everything is faith first, family, and then finance. And we live that.”

Starfox Financial Services, LLC. is an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with a focus on serving the unique needs of the high net worth investor. Because we are an independent RIA, we are able to offer wealth building tools and advice without bias or conflict of interest.

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