Fees will generally be automatically deducted from your managed account*.  As part of this process, you understand and acknowledge the following:

a) Your independent custodian sends statements at least quarterly to you showing the market values for each security included in the Assets and all disbursements in your account including the amount of the advisory fees paid to us;

b) You provide authorization permitting us to be directly paid by these terms;

c) We send a copy of our invoice to the independent custodian at the same time we send the invoice to you;

d) Our invoice includes a legend that urges the client to compare information provided in their statements with those from the qualified custodian in account opening notices and subsequent statements sent to the client for whom the adviser opens custodial accounts with the qualified custodian.

*In rare cases, we will agree to directly bill clients.

We require a retainer of fifty-percent (50%) of the ultimate financial planning or consulting fee with the remainder of the fee directly billed to you and due to us within thirty (30) days of your financial plan being delivered or consultation rendered to you.  In all cases, we will not require a retainer exceeding $500 when services cannot be rendered within 6 (six) months.

Third party money managers establish and maintain their own separate billing processes over which we have no control. In general, they will directly bill you and describe how this works in their separate written disclosure documents.

Clients will incur transaction charges for trades executed in their accounts.  These transaction fees are separate from our fees and will be disclosed by the firm that the trades are executed through. Also, clients will pay the following separately incurred expenses, which we do not receive any part of: charges imposed directly by a mutual fund, index fund, or exchange traded fund which shall be disclosed in the fund’s prospectus (i.e., fund management fees and other fund expenses).

We charge our advisory fees quarterly in advance.  In the event that you wish to terminate our services, we will refund the unearned portion of our advisory fee to you. You need to contact us in writing and state that you wish to terminate our services.   Upon receipt of your letter of termination,  we  will  proceed  to  close  out  your  account  and  process  a  pro-rata  refund  of unearned advisory fees.

We do not sell securities for a commission. In order to sell securities for a commission, we would need to have our associated persons registered with a broker-dealer. We have chosen not to do so.

We do not charge performance fees to our clients.

Portfolio Management Fees

Financial Planning Fees

Third Party Referral Fees