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Our financial plans or financial consultations usually include general recommendations for a course of activity or specific actions to be taken by the clients. For example, recommendations may be made that the clients begin or revise investment programs, create or revise wills or trusts, obtain or revise insurance coverage, commence or alter retirement savings, or establish education or charitable giving programs. It should also be noted that we refer clients to accountants or CPAs, attorneys or other specialists, as necessary for non-advisory related services. For financial planning engagements, we provide our clients with a summary of their financial situation, observations, and recommendations. For financial consulting engagements, we provide our clients with a summary of our observations and recommendations as the process is less formal than our planning service.

Plans or consultations are typically completed within six (6) months of the client signing an agreement with us, assuming that all the information and documents we request from the client are provided to us promptly. Implementation of the recommendations will be at the discretion of the client. We will disclose to our financial planning clients if a conflict of interest exists between us and our clients. The client is under no obligation to act upon our recommendation. If the client elects to act on our recommendations, the client is under no obligation to affect the transaction through us.

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